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Our Services

Clear analysis of the currently owned digital channels.
Hands on digital strategy based on the analysis.
Hands on social media training, focusing on subjects like: specific problems/challenges, corporate social media strategy, practical use, content calendars, internal policy, internal social media management etc.
The social media training varies from basic knowledge to advanced.
The focus of online advertising is mainly on Facebook advertising en Google Adwords.  Online advertising is an efficient way to reach your target audience.  It permits you to measure and track your results in a clear and transparent way.
We help our clients to get on the online fast track by being a reliable online partner. With digital marketing consultancy we help the client for a longer period of time to achieve their online goals by, for example, advising the right way for using social media, connect them with the right freelancers, structuring their social media management, …
Managing the social media of the client in the most optimal way. Conversation management can have different goals like: building a community, building customer relations, generate website traffic, online awareness, …

Our Workflow


Briefing of the project with clear goals, vision and approach.


Realistic scheduling according to the needs of the client.


Transparent  implementation of the digital marketing plan in order to reach the defined goals.


Optimization of the current implementation to be as efficient as possible.


Frequent evaluation of the current status of the project with the client to receive the necessary feedback.